Static & Sideways Rolling Benching

These benches raise the crop off the floor, allowing easier access. Our static and rolling benches can be fitted with a number of different bases to suit the growers irrigation/ventilation requirements – e.g. ebb and flood liners, mesh base or a solid surface. We can also fit specialised tops for potting areas or laboratories etc. Our bench legs can be made using either galv. steel or Aluminium, with various options for height adjustment.

Greenhouse Benches

Static and Sideways rolling benches are often installed into Research Glasshouses, Garden Centres, Glasshouses for Schools, and Commercial Glasshouses with a labour intensive crop, which require work in situ.

The use of sideways rolling benches minimises space required for access pathways, so maximises the growing area within the glasshouse compartments.

Glasshouse Benches