Bridge Sirius-GC

For nurseries that do not require the sophistication, and inherent expense of full environmental computer Bridge can offer an affordable alternative which has the ability to control all aspects of the glasshouse environment – the Bridge Sirius-GC Climate computer.

This fantastic unit will control temperature, ventilation, heating, shade screen, energy screen and an alarm. Using a weather-station, and aspirated screen the unit can measure room temperature, humidity, light intensity, outside temperature, wind direction, velocity and rain. With this information it can prevent excess oscillations in the greenhouse climate, thus minimising possible damage to crops, as well as energy consumption. Click here to download PDF to see instruction manual.

For multi-zone nurseries, one unit can be used per zone. Multiple units can then be linked together, and controlled from a central PC. Click here to download PDF to view layout diagrams for multiple units. The PC controls the units using Click here to download PDF which can simply be installed onto a Windows PC.