Glasshouse Fogging Systems

The use of Fogging can offer huge benefits in the horticultural industry. It is primarily used for humidity control and/or cooling.

Fog for Humidity Control

Humidity is one of the most important growth factors in a greenhouse climate. The humidity has a direct and indirect effect on the production and the quality of crops.

Bridge can supply systems to growers to control humidity optimally. The super high pressure of the system and special nozzles ensure a constant and uniform fog. This fog is that fine and ‘dry’ that it doesn’t wet the crops.

Controlling the humidity in this way can also be used to improve the quality of flowers. A good humidity control in the nursery has a positive effect on the use of biological adverseries, prevents mould and it yields longer stems with more buds.

Fog For Glasshouse Cooling

More and more growers are discovering the advantages of using a fogging system for cooling, including:-

  1. A drop in temperature of 10 degrees could be possible
  2. Better control of humidity
  3. A better CO2 level can be maintained
  4. A Longer production period is possible

Fogging for Tree Nurseries

During the tree production there are several stages in which there is danger of dehydration: straight after digging up the trees, during storage, in the sorting area and during planting out.

Research has shown that fog systems contribute to the quality of bare-rooted crops and thus for standard trees, hedging planting stock, fruit trees, roses and the rootstocks of roses.