Supplementary Lighting

Bridge lighting Installation

Bridge are UK agents for Gavita Horticultural Lighting, a Norwegian based company with offices in The Netherlands & Canada. Gavita has extensive knowledge in glasshouse lighting, with products that boast reliability and high efficiency. Using the expertise of Gavita, Bridge are able to offer a computer designed lighting scheme to maximise the effectiveness of the each light.

Electronic Lights

Gavitas Electronic Lights offer a longer bulb life and higher energy efficiency than the standard Electromagnetic Lights. A huge advantage this Gavita light has over most of its rivals, is it’s ability to be dimmered when the full power of the light is not required, resulting in massive energy savings. The smaller physical size of the light means that it casts less shadow than the larger electromagnetic lights.

Electromagnetic Lights

The simplicity of Gavitas Electromagnetic Lights make them more cost effective and easier to maintain than the electronic lights. Any bulb brand can be used in this light so sourcing replacement bulbs needn’t be an issue.