University of Cambridge Botanic Garden Research Facility

Area: 941 m2
Use: Research Facility
Year Completed: 2011
Glasshouse Structure: Venlo to GM Standard, Aluminium gutter, 3.2m bays on a 6.4m lattice, 4m sections, Insect Netting
Heating: Hot water, Gilled Pipes Under bench
Horizontal Screens: Horizontal Thernal/Shade Screen XLS 17 Revolux Fire Retardant, Horizontal Blackout Screen XLS 15 Obscura A/A +B/B Firebreak, Rack & Pinion Drive
Vertical Screens: Thernal Twin Roll Screens ILS 10 Revolux, Blackout Roll Tube Screens ILS Hortirolls Revolux W/W
Benches: Static/Mobile Weldmesh Benches Throughout + Trespa, and Rubber topped Benches
Irrigation: Hand watering points
Electrics: Heating, Screens, Vents, Fans, Irrigation, Lighting and Sockets
Computer: Full Environmental Control System