Venlo Glasshouse Structures

The Venlo structure is our most popular type of greenhouse. This structure has a standard roof width of 3.2m, but we can also supply a 4.0m roof width where maximum light levels are required. Depending on the individual requirements, the glasshouse can then be made up from 1, 2, 3 or 4 roof sections at a time, supported using lattice girders. For this reason, the Venlo glasshouse is an extremely versatile structure, which can usually be tailored to meet any requirements.

Bridge Greenhouses Venlo Greenhouses-1Additional services such as thermal & shade screens, benching/container systems and heating are easily integrated into this type of structure.

An increasingly popular trend is to incorporate the nursery offices within the glasshouse structure. By using coloured insulated panels, with double glazed panels, we can create a striking office frontage, and provide a comfortable working environment.

Bridge Greenhouses Hillbrothers 6A relatively new concept to make the Venlo greenhouse so that the lattices run beneath the gutter, instead of perpendicular to the gutters as normal.

Bridge Greenhouses Venlo Greenhouses-3This is popular with tomato growers, allowing then to orientate the roof East/West which is best for winter light, and then crop North/South, which is best for a uniform fruit size.